cheap laptop please s?

i need a laptop but i barely have any money does anybody know any really cheap laptops i can get not those netbooks i want a laptop ok.


  1. findithere says:

    Cheap laptops. Try here.

  2. blumoon479 says:

    Get a Barebone PC from either or

  3. bob taskbar says:

    the cheapest laptops are hp and dell, esp when you buy them during the sale season in the usa.

    refurbished laptops from the company’s website.

    second hand junk shops who buys in bulk equipments of closing companies. these are usually available in third world and developing countries.

  4. ebay?

  5. To get cheap laptop you need to:

    a) Have a budget.
    b) Get a laptop with a standard screen size (15 inch)
    c) Focus on processor speed rather than RAM
    d) Avoid buying a gaming laptop
    e) Shop for faster hard drive instead of bigger hard drive (7200RPM is decent)
    f) Avoid buying lighter laptop, if you do not travel frequently with your laptop
    g) Relax and do not rush when you are buying a laptop.

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