Cheap Gaming laptop. Please answer?

Im looking for a cheap gaming laptop basically the cheapest gaming laptop that can handle skyrim in atleast medium settings…


  1. Check this one out

  2. Buy one that is specially made for you, they are always better and cheaper than any big brands

  3. Bassman1 says:

    Look at these with a discrete and dedicated graphic card chip set designed for gaming and all uses, invest now because later you can not upgrade or replace the integrated graphic card chip set in a laptop.

  4. Jynweythek says:

    Gaming laptops aren’t cheap. You’re looking for a regular laptop. I’m pretty sure anything over 400€ should be able to hande Skyrim vanilla.

  5. There are a lot to consider when choosing a gaming laptop especially in terms of processor and video card requirements. Skyrim is actually not that heavy on said requirements and you could easily buy a cheap gaming laptop for around $500-$800. Skyrim’s recommended requirements, processor and video card, is a Quad-core Intel or AMD cpu, and 1 GB Graphics Memory. I would recommend though to get a laptop with a faster processor, like an Intel Core-i5, and a having a better video card such as an NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M or 650M. This is so that you could run games that require higher specs than skyrim in the future.

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