Cheap and light notebook?

Hi, i want to buy a really cheap and light small notebook computer that i can carry wherever i go, I want it for writing purposes only because keyboard is faster than pencil, and don’t care about the facilities, so what would you suggest for me to buy, which one would be the cheapest and lightest notebook?? Thanks!!!


  1. Sony VAIO M13M1E 10.1 inch netbook.Sony is a good product anytime. Very beautiful mini laptop. Win 7 Starter is not for the tech servy. Among other things the you can’t change the picture on the desktop. Arrived on time and as promised.Really good and functional netbook – great for net and work email etc, and looks good too. Screen size good and would recommend it.

  2. Hi

    Try an MSI netbook or a samsung netbook,the particular models would be any of these on these websites

    Obviously these are my opinion but they are from a well known manufacturer.

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