changed os on acer aspire note book?

i got my daughter an acer aspire one notebook got the os changed to windows 7 now i cant find the webcam icon and how to turn it on should i reinstall the driver ?


  1. That would be my guess, I would go to acer’s web site and find the drivers for the specific model, and download the driver for windows 7.

  2. Go to the Acer FTP website and download both the driver and Software for the camera
    The FTP site has several models of the Aspire one and you will find the camera drivers are listed under CCD and the name (they use several different suppliers so you may have to try more than one download and install) Some have separate software and this will also be under CCD but with AP in the title as well (for Application).
    Was the original software XP or Linux? you may find that there is no dedicated software for the camera, if W7 does actually recognise it you may find it listed as a drive option in the Computer list (click Computer icon in the start list and see if it is there) if so right click and select Send To and from there click "to Desktop" (create Short Cut) and this will put a short cut directly to the camera on your desktop, you can start the camera from this but extra functions will be limited. You should be able to access the camera from Skype or Messenger from the Tools options and Video setup as long as W7 recognises it in the device manager.

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