is this a good gaming laptop? … [Read more...]

Graphics card in a laptop?

Does a laptop use a graphics card like a desktop or is it something different because most of them look like they do not fit in my laptop. … [Read more...]

Acer Laptop Reinstall Basics?

Hi i have an acer extensa 5620 and recently i had to reinstall windows etc. but now ive done that all my acer things have gone, such as the elock, erecovery everything. how do i get it all back? like … [Read more...]

how to reset my laptop?

ok so im gonna sell my laptop and i want to reset to the way i bought it. I want everything gone so it like a new laptop help please … [Read more...]

Should I get an iPod Touch 5 or An iPad Mini?

I have an ipod touch 4 and an iPad 2. … [Read more...] for Acer customers?

Hi i have an Acer laptop & the homepage was pre-set to a special for Acer customers....I seem to have mistakenly lost this homepage & cant seem to get it back. I prefer the Acer one … [Read more...]

whats the difference between laptops?

my lad is asking for small laptop notebook is there any difference in them than a normal laptop i know there smaller is there anything else thanx … [Read more...]

Which one is the iPad 4?

Hi everyone, I was wondering, after reading an article, which one is the iPad 4? I did some research but couldn't find anything. I know that there's the iPad 1, the very first iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 … [Read more...]

Acer Aspire Laptop Advice?

Im starting to consider purchasing a laptop, and my eye has been drawn to the Acer Aspire 5315 for £299-350. After reading a few threads, i've read that the Acer is good in terms of internet browsing … [Read more...]

Connecting Xbox 360 S to laptop?

I brought a new Asus laptop yesterday and it has a HDMi slot. So I plugged the HDMi cable into both the Xbox and laptop, but nothing happens. Can someone tell me how to connect them please? Also, … [Read more...]

Are acer a waste of spacer?

My sons acer laptop lasted 13 months then one day the screen stayed black. Its not been on since and i cant get it to boot up. Pc world said they dont repair acer even though they sell them. A … [Read more...]

Could anyone Recomend me a Laptop?

I am Looking for a Laptop That will be able to Play BF3 and CoDs on Medium - Low Settings for Under €600. Could anyone Leave me a Link or Name of Laptop PS Im in Ireland so no American websites … [Read more...]

does anybody know about laptops?

ive just had my 1st laptop and its getting hot is that normal. and my broadband dongle is getting very hot is that also normal … [Read more...]

Is this a good laptop?

I have seen this laptop and want to know if its good for gaming and will last for a while ! … [Read more...]

having problems with programmes on laptop?

okay, so i had a new hard drive installed in my laptop because my old one got corrupted. anyway, i have had so many problems with programmes as the computer people didn't re upload anything. the first … [Read more...]

external moniter vga dell insperon issue?

I recently changed the mother board in my dell insperon 1545 from the standard one to the one with the ati radeon 4330 so i could get better performnance from my system whilst gaming! ever since i … [Read more...]

Which Acer has a webcam?

Just a quick questions, looking to buy an acer laptop for using the internet and skpe so need a webcam?? … [Read more...]

whether a laptop can be upgrade ?

i want to upgrade my laptop video card ? … [Read more...]

static noise from my laptop?

I have a Satellite laptop that I'm trying to connect to my Memorex - SA-302 Stereo Amplifier but i get a lot of static fee back coming from the laptop. Even bringing the 3.5 cable near my laptop gives … [Read more...]

ACER ASPIRE T180 Bios problem?

Ok so I have the files to Flash my MotherBoard but when I try to run it says onboard bios not Award Bios ! ? Why How can I solve this I know the risk of flashing etc I downled this off the Acer … [Read more...]

how to connect my sony vaio VGN-N38E to my lcd tv?

i have bought SVGA to 3 RCA , VGA to S-Video / RCA Adaptor Cable and SVGA Monitor VGA Male to Male M-M Cable Lead HD15 but only the latter one has really connected but it says out on range on my … [Read more...]

Will the dell studio laptop go down in price?

At the moment the dell studio 15 laptop i want is £850. Do you think it will go down in price and when should i buy it? … [Read more...]

Alienware M14x laptop?

I am thinking about looking into getting an Alienware M14x laptop, and I am hoping to get a lot of gameplay out of it (WoW in general). If anyone has this laptop and/or has played WoW on it and is it … [Read more...]

Why does my Acer 5738z keep freezing?

Had the above about 2 months now. Installed Windows 7 ultimate, all was grand. Last few days keeps locking up at random and have to hard restart. System restore hasn't worked and cant find email … [Read more...]

Can I safely uninstall Vaio Media from my laptop?

I have a Sony Vaio which has Vaio media pre-installed. I have no intention of using this program so is it safe to uninstall it? I don't want to get rid of it if removing it's going to affect other … [Read more...]

dell studio 1737 black screen?

I have a dell studio 1737 that has not been working for a few months, when i start up i the dell logo appears but after i need to press F1 to continue because the battery is not recognized (problem … [Read more...]

acer aspire 5630 bluetooth?

does the acer aspire 5630 have bluetooth, and if so how do you use it??? … [Read more...]

Sony Vaio FW41E H cannot read Blu Ray??!?

Hello everyone! I have a Sony Vaio FW41E H and it has blu ray reader, however it canot read my Blu Ray disc (Waterworld 2009) on Windows 7.... Why..? Do I need to set something, or get some … [Read more...]

dell c521 graphics card?

hi, ive had my dell for about a year, and regardless of people telling me dell is crap and so is windows vista, i personally haven't had any problems at all, i would however like to upgrade the … [Read more...]

how can add my acer emanagement?

how can add my acer emanagement tools … [Read more...]

Sony Vaio laptop help ?

I have around £850 to spend on a new laptop and I was thinking about getting a Sony Vaio, which model/series would be best for me? What I want is one which is very good at playing pc games in near- … [Read more...]

Which Dell Precision laptop?

I have heard that Precision are the best laptops in Dell. Which model in Precision range people like most? My ideal screen size is 15" but I think they don't do that size so the closest would be … [Read more...]

acer e'recovery help?

i cant use the create factory default disc using acer erecovery. i click on it and it says burn to E:matshita dvdram i put a blank dvd in and press ok and it says there is not enough room on d:. the … [Read more...]

Sony Vaio Y Series laptop or Sony Vaio E Series laptop?

Anyone any ideas on which is best to go with? Have a budget of about £1200 to work with and am keen to get the best spec for the best price. Any suggestions would be very welcome as the more I look … [Read more...]

Which laptop is a good gaming laptop?

I have 2 laptops in my shortlist. Both of them are HP. HP dv6-6c65se: 750 GB HDD AMD 7690M XT (2 GB) Glossy screen HP dv6-7080ee: 1 TB HDD Nvidia GT 630M (2 GB) Matte screen Both the … [Read more...]

When to move my Japenese acer.?

I have a red acer,about 3' tall,want to uproot it from my garden to re plant, when is the best time please.Spring or when the leaves have all gone? Thank you … [Read more...]

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