cash for old laptops?

Got broken laptop screen, punched it.
Anyone know any good real genuine cash for old broken laptops websites in the uk?


  1. Arriane says:

    I must recommend this website They are quick and they will give you a great quote.

  2. you won’t get any money for the laptop because of the broken screen. however, if you sell the parts off to some companies or even on ebay, i’m sure you can get a few quid off it

  3. Johnny Qwer says:


  4. mrajsmith2000 says:


  5. ebox1349 says:

    perhaps you need to invest any money you make from the sale on an anger management course but generally there are few places willing to take on a laptop with screen damage unless it pretty new, even then they may not want it.
    try these
    not used any of these before so cant comment on the reliability or trustworthiness of any of them

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