can i upgrade my notebook?

i bought a compaq presario at xmas,it has celeron m 1.5ghz proccesor,40g hard drive,504 ram.can i change the hard drive ect to make it more up to date as far as space,but more so speed is concerned?and where do i start?


  1. compaq are one of the easiest laptops to upgrade,however there are some parts you cant upgrade such as graphics,sound,but memory,hard drive,cd roms all can be upgraded
    as you are intrested in gaining more speed,a ram(memory)upgrade should be your first upgrade,try,and use the on-line scanner to determine your exact memory type and then you can (a) order it direct from crucial,their prices are quite reasonable or (b) go to your local p.c shop and buy it there,but allways make sure that the module is handed to you in either a anti-static bag or a plastic module case,if it is just handed to you uncovered ,refuse to purchase it,as the module can be damaged if handled incorrectly
    your processor is not bad for a notebook,and with reference to a new hard drive most notebook hdd are 5600rpm models,but there are a few 7200rpm models avalible,these would increase the data write speed,and along with your memory upgrade you would notice a immediate increase in the speed of your notebook
    good luck

  2. says:

    Yah, but only few things can be upgraded like RAM, Hard Disk and CD ROM. other are difficult… and most of the time you need same brand.

  3. you can upgrade your celeron to a P4 which will increase speed, problem is finding what is compatible- normally a company like presario will use the same main board for both thier celerons and P4 processors so you may simply find out which P4 they used when yours was made and get one of those.

    Easiest thing to do is buy some performance enhancing software- you may be surprised what it can do for you. Also another 512k RAM would help id it will fit but make sure its EXACTLY the same spec as your existing RAm otherwise its not worth doing.

    Upgrading laptops is very difficult- ive been building PCs for years but the most I’ve done on a laptop is increase RAM because usually its not worthwhile doing or not possible.

  4. As far as software goes, yes u can upgrade ur comp, with much ease i might add. But when it come to hardware, like ram and harddrives, unless u r very knowledgable u will have to take it back to the manufacturer and let them do the upgrade there.
    Note-this only applies to laptops since their components are so complexed and their scale is so small. hope i was able to help.

  5. biller1952 says:

    CPU speed you’re out of luck. Max out the amount of ram it will hold. Installing a 7200 rpm hard drive is about the best you can do.

  6. try increasing the ram.

    for extra disk space use an external usb hard drive

  7. william710902 says:

    laptops are hard to upgrade
    you can replace the HDD the RAM can be upgraded as can the cd rom DVD combi but above that there is nothing else you can change

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