Can I Upgrade My Notebook Processor?

Well, the processor is detachable, i ever pull it out from the socket..
But still doubt to buy new processor…

My Processor is AMD Athlon II P360, it has S1g4 socket and 35w.
Some processor that have the same socket and watt:
AMD Phenom II Quad-Core Mobile X940 Black Edition
AMD Phenom II Quad-Core Mobile N970

Now come the question, can i upgrade my processor?
can I upgrade it with different wattage *say mine was 35w to 45w*?
the last, where i can buy new processor those processor? i tried find it in ebay and amazon but found nothing. and i can’t find it around my place.
Umm i didn’t know it became so complicated, i really need to upgrade my processor because it waste 5Gb memories on 32bit OS.
I just do plug and play on my pc processor…

Okay, my IT friend have some stock for AMD procies, here’s the candidate…
AMD Phenom II Triple-Core Mobile P860, and
AMD Phenom II Quad-Core Mobile P960

Since it have same P#60 series, TDP and Champlain-based, will it work?


  1. Yes you can, the modern laptop has a removable CPU. The real issue is whether you can find one to start with, they are not available for general retail sale and usually the only ones you find for sale are on the auction sites, and these are usually pulled from broken laptops, so you do take a bit of a risk as they may be damaged or simply not working. The manufactures give no clues as to what the board will support, all you can really do is look up your model and see what "options" were available, if you find one with better CPU then you can certainly upgrade to that.
    Cups all use power, all generate heat and laptops are specifically designed to deal with this power requirement and thermal issue to a specific limit, start changing the hardware and you change the parameters and could find the laptop crashing all the time because of low power issues or overheating. That is why 99% of all laptops have no options in the BIOS to tweak the voltages or clock multipliers, they are already at the power and thermal limits.

  2. You can buy the N970 on ebay, a quick search found four (see the link).

    The X940 is also available, but only from one place.

    I’d look carefully at the bus speed and voltage specifications of you existing CPU and the N970, to make sure they are compatible.

    The problem you may have is that the BIOS does not recognise the new CPU and does not know how to properly configure the chipset to work with it.

    Look for a BIOS update first, that will give you the best chance of it working OK.

    I have upgraded a desktop board with a newer AMD CPU than the BIOS supported, and in that case it worked fine – it just said Unknown CPU rather than showing the type number on the BIOS boot screen.

    That said, there is always a chance it will not work & you may have to put the new cpu back on ebay…

    I’d not risk a higher power CPU, laptops tend to run hot anyway and you could cook either the processor or the motherboard (power supply circuits).

    One last thought – have you had a look at the laptop makers site?
    Some makers do the same machine with different processor options from new. If the CPU you are considering was an original option, then it’s a good bet it will work fine!

  3. you can never change a notebook processor
    one can only change ram and rom in laptop’s case
    you can pull out your processor, its well and good but you cannot change because for that you need to pull out another processor from some other laptop

  4. you could probably safely go up to an AMD Athlon II N370. This uses the same architecture and socket, it has a higher TDP (thermal design power) which means your battery life would be less and it may generate more heat so the fans might come on more often. You might also need a BIOS update in order to recognise the new CPU. The other CPUs may work but are more of a risk.

    Ideally go to the manufacturers website and it may list the possible CPU compatibility list
    here is a useful link

    Notebook processors are generally not available from retails stores so your best bet is ebay, I had a quick look on ebay at the processors you list and there were about several hits from international sellers about £90 £150. At the end of the day you need to judge whether the expense is worth the increase in performance against the risk of it not working/overheating. Ideally if you know there is a similar laptop with a better processor then you are pretty much guaranteed success.


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