Can anyone tell me the difference between a lap top and a netbook/notebook?


  1. I would really stay away from the "netbooks" unless you have a very specific need for ultra small size over functionality. With a netbook you usually get a VERY small hard drive which is usually between 8-64 GB whereas the standard is closer to 200-300 GB in notebooks. Also, you will only get 1 GB of ram, keep in mind windows 64 bit now supports up to 16 GIG in a regular laptop so you’re really putting yourself in a potion where you have limited upgrade-ability there too. Another thing to consider is the lack of an "optical drive" in a netbook commonly known as a dvd/cd drive, this means you will not be able to install software unless you purchase it over the internet. (But remember you have a VERY small hard drive, so you’re not going to be able to install many programs) Meanwhile your stuck with the far inferior "Atom" processor, which is the "brains" of your computer. Look for a good deal and you will be able to find a fully functional computer (laptop) for around $600 that will serve you for years. Also, if you’re dead set on a netbook, check USER reviews for specific netbooks you’re looking at on different electronic web sites like best, amazon, ect. Many of the people who bought these netbooks are unhappy for one reason or another after they get it home and realize how small the screen is and how slow the processor is. I beleive, however, that HP is viewed as the best netbook over the Acer’s, EEE’s, and the others.

  2. ebox1349 says:

    A notebook and laptop are essentially the same thing. They are essentially a small portable computer that can run on mains or battery and contain a processor, sound, graphics, CD Drive, network adaptors and inbuilt display all in the one unit.
    A Netbook is similar though this is designed to be lighter in weight, lower in power, uses less energy and is optimised for internet use rather than general use. Many netbooks do not have a CD drive, have low CPU power, minimal graphics but have good sound and network adaptors, often having a built in WebCam as well.
    Battery life on a new laptop is around 2 or 3 hours (varies with the battery type) and netbooks are around 6 to 8 hours.

  3. PipersBoy says:

    There are no absolute parameters for defining a netbook, but they are actually a type of notebook/laptop. Generally, they are very light, have a display ranging from 8.9" to 10.2" (diagonal), inexpensively priced (starting as low as $249 or so) and they lack an integrated optical drive (CD/DVD). The vast majority have the 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor and run Windows XP Home as their Operating System. In lieu of XP Home, some netbooks have various varieties of Linux O/S.

    These aren’t absolute specs/parameters, though. For instance, Dell recently introduced the Inspiron Mini 12 with a 12.1" display, making it the largest netbook to date. ASUS has a the N10 model with most of the normal netbook specs, but it is unique in having a dedicated graphics card (nVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS). HP has a new model due any day called the dv2- a 12.1" model that may or may not be classified as a netbook.

    Industry experts have speculated that the ‘netbook’ designation will disappear in the next 12-24 months. They’ll simply be accepted as a small, inexpensive entry-level notebook.

  4. there pretty much the same thing apart from the price if your looking for something to just play games ,do home worklisten to music and surf the web then a notebook will do just fine i would go for one with a bit of a larger screen as i find th 7" & 8" are quite small shop around can pick them up really cheap now from £150 net books and lap tops from about £349

  5. Well, a "notebook" and a "laptop" are the exact same thing. The words are synoynms except that a "notebook" could aslo refer to the lined paper spiral variety instead of a computer.

    A "netbook" is a specific type of laptop/notebook that is usually 9" in size or less. These netbooks are ultra-portable, inexpensive, but lacking in performance power. Examples of a netbooks are the Asus EEE, the Acer Aspire One and the Dell Mini.

  6. Notebooks/Laptops are high performance machines that can do multiple tasks and high-end ones will run recent games releases.

    Netbooks are stripped down models, and are more suited to the basic things: Read Email, surf the web, write letters and browse Youtube.

    Netbooks are cheaper than Notebooks/Laptops.

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