Can Acer laptops be upgraded?

Can Acer laptops be upgraded to improve the performance for games?


  1. It depends on the game and what you want to upgrade.Your CPU and graphics are built into the motherboard, and it would cost more to upgrade that than to buy a better laptop.

    You RAM and hard drive are different. Most of the time you can upgrade your RAM easily. Just know that Windows 7 32 bit can only handle ~3.5 Gigs of RAM. It won’t recognize anymore (so your computer will still run fine, you will just have wasted money). To install RAM make sure it fits. Both the type (DDR2 or DDR3) and size (laptop and PC ram are different sizes, but some laptops use PC RAM). Also, if your RAM slots are small, RAM with large cooling fins won’t fit.

    Your hard drive can also improve some games (like Minecraft) by upgrading the speed that the computer can access and edit data. If the game has to store and read a lot of data, having that accessible can help. It can also improve your boot speed.
    Upgrading your hard drive can be confusing and difficult, and if done improperly can result in losing all of your data as well as operating system. Make sure to have a Windows startup disk as well as a full copy of ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION on an external hard drive.. How to check: Look at the files on the external drive. If you can live with losing everything else, you’re good.
    For a faster hard drive, you can consider an SSD (solid state drive). These are tougher than hard drives, but horrendously expensive and much smaller capacity than HDDs (hard disk drives). If you are not very tech savvy, I personally don’t recommend it. Not that I have anything against you, I really don’t want to see you lose all your information. It sucks.

  2. yes you can if you have mxm ii type video card i replaced mine twice
    the only time it wont work is if it’s part of the main motherboard.

  3. Try Clean Booting.

    One thing that may help some is faster System Memory.
    Since most laptops share the System Memory with the GPU, try getting two 4GB modules. Equal amounts in each slot is needed for Dual Channel Mode
    Check your manual for the fastest memory your laptop supports.

    These things may give you a 5 to 10% boost in game performance.

    Next laptop, check games performance of the GPU.

  4. Not really. Only RAM, hard drive and OS☺

  5. Simply RED says:

    Sorry, but no. The graphics and CPU are integrated to the motherboard. You are stuck with what you have.

  6. Laptops are not good for games unless you have gamer laptop. Something like alienware or asus the republic of gamer. Standard laptops will overheat and it can lead to motherboard failure.

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