Build a pc in a dell tower?

Hi, just bought a dell desktop on ebay, all parts installed and ready.

Can I take everything out and start from scratch to build my pc? Does the case matter?
The dell tower is very big


  1. mmmmm Make sure the form facter is the right one. Dell uses pretty funky cases (I have a BTX… But hey maybe thats because its 4 years old. But even then BTX never got a hold on things.) Make sure that case has VENTALATION. Dell cases SUCK, they never ventalate them properly for extra parts. They are the bare min that it will go before overheating… But other than that, nope :) .

  2. It shouldn’t matter, along as the form factor matches the motherboard you plan to put in.

  3. KenRhee says:

    Uh, first of all. Case matters because the case protects the valuable equipment from ESD. (Google it). You can, but first see the ESD cautions:

  4. Dell cases are pretty nice on the inside. They have the flip out PS cage and the Hd cages are pull out. Unlike an HP case where everything is riveted together. But you may want to spend a few dollars on a case that would provide better air flow and a wider case. A lot of the better heat sinks are large and won’t fit into any box. If your going to build your own I would suggest buying a new box. One that is going to suit your hardware and has plenty of room for add ons. $50-$100 can buy a decent box that you will be happy with for years to come.

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