Bluetooth on my acer netbook?

i have bluetooth on my acer aspire one netbook and know how to turn it on but it doesnt show any symbol for it.should it?and also,can you send pictures from a phone to the netbook without having to buy anything extra?coz i think its wireless bluetooth so it shouldnt need it,should it?the phone is a samsung tocco lite.
thanx but it still wont find my phone!!i dont know why it doesnt pick it it possible to find the netbook on bluetooth with my phone?what can i do to pair them?!


  1. brianthesnail123 says:

    hi mate
    ive had many acer laptops over the years and the bluetooth on these had two ways to enable these…. you first need to download the bluetooth drivers and software from ( use the selection tool… there are over 15 different acer aspire netbooks so make sure you select the correct one )
    once you have downloaded and installed the drivers and software there should be a button/key on your netbook that will turn the bluetooth on …… then once this is done you can connect to your phone
    you can do this by :
    Start, All Programs, and then bluetooth "parameter bluetooth" is the must be enabled in your taskbar
    Then here you make "new connection" in the window , first of all start by choosing "custom mode" and following the directions on the screen and leaving the default options when you do not know with your other device to hand because it will seek to connect!
    otherwise you going to choose "express mode" but it is weird because sometimes it add yourself!
    Once you have completed making new connection as I did in my example, you do right click on it and you click "connect", then you follow the procedure has the PC screen and your bluetooth device is very fast in general is its has just put a security code of your choice and accept the connection request from the device!
    nine times out of ten this should do the job,if you have problems check the options on your phone then try again
    also bluetooth works better when your netbook is plugged in…especially if your netbook battery is nearlly empty ///
    i hope this helps
    good luck !

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