Best store to buy a good laptop?

I want an inexpensive white laptop, ranging through 0 to 0. I would also want a good quality laptop.
Are there any stores having sales??
Forget about what i said in the description above.


  1. You aren’t going to be able to get a good laptop for just $100 to $200. You can get a netbook from phone companies (like Verizon) for $100, but you’d have to get a wireless broadband monthly plan with it. If you don’t want that, your best bet is probably waiting until next year’s Black Friday. During Black Friday, there are netbooks that sell around $250 at the least. If you don’t want a netbook and you want a decent regular notebook, they’d probably cost at least $350-$400. I’d recommend you go to regular electronics stores like Best Buy

  2. You won’t find anything for that small amount of money. Good quality and white is even more of an impossibility. Someone might try to sell you an old, obsolete barely working laptop, but that would be a mistake for you to buy. Wait until you have about $800-$1000.

  3. second hand? for that money you will get an OLD used bad qualtiy product
    colour? you dont choose that reallly unless its custom made which costs a lot

  4. The best laptop according to your budget will be a Refurbished laptops

    These refurbished laptops comes with good specifications as well as with good physical quality which will make you go for it.

    Plus these laptops are value for money check out the below given website which will be a really good option to go for

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