Best (pink) laptop for Christmas?

My daughter would like a pink laptop from santa. I know that Dell sell them, but I dont wish to purchase a Dell laptop. Does anyone know of any other reliable, not to expensive makers of pink laptops. Thank you


  1. How old does your daughter? Is she about 12 years old, I recommend you this Laptop
    This Laptop is designed especially for kids and It’s also cute with the disney theme.

    But anyway, there are many choices of Pink Laptop.
    You can find out more at


  2. Anthony says:

    You can do onething that you can buy a Hp or other laptop and buy Skins – This how you can cover the laptop with pink skin

  3. james c says:

    any laptop can be made pink

    exhibit A

    exhibit B

  4. Buy a laptop and paint it pink :P

  5. ksrpraj says:

    I have added some best configuration for laptops in my site Do check them out. It will be useful

  6. Sony vaio.

  7. Marmalade says:

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