Best notebook for my specifications?

oh and at least 2 usb ports
Ok, i want a notebook for any price (prefebly under £350)
Released fairly new, running xp or vista
good screen size
good battery life (for a notebook any way, about 2+ hours)
Light (Im gonna be hauling it to work and all)
Nicely built ( not with horrible design or flimsy hinge)
So, any suggestions for the best one suiting these points?
Sorry I MEANT £450


  1. beenthere says:

    think your asking a bit much at that price,thats bargain basement at that price,like asking for a great car for under 5000, get off your computer and get down some computer shops and see what they have, but i think you will find they are all a bit poorly built at that price

  2. randomduded says:

    Hi I would go with the new HP Mini Note 2140, make sure its not the old model cos that is a bit slow.

    the new model is an intel atom 1.6, 1gb ram (maybe upgrade it to 2gb?) 160gb harddrive, sd card slot, wifi, bluetooth, web cam, xp, and 10.1inch screen.

    design is brilliant battery life is fairly good will go well past an 1:30 with heavy use and past 2 with normal to light use. The exterior is very robust and hard wearing. ( just sounds like an advert now but heyho)

    the only down side I can think of is the screen is a bit shinny so you may struggle if you use it out side and the power supply is designed for quick charging rather than portability, (the charger is the same size as a standard laptop one)

    I found it much better than the eee or what ever the heap of junk i got from argos was, the something wind (msi wind?)

    Heres a couple of links to where you can buy it from, also Currys and comet stock it if you want to pay a bit more on the high street

    but remember check out a few other ones, acer do a pretty looking range, if you dont like the polished silver look.

    Sorry I miss read your thing and read it as netbook not notebook, if you mean notebook then I would suggest

    this laptop

    i hope one of these helps

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