Best brand for a gaming laptop ?

What is the best laptop brand for a gaming laptop ?


  1. man named Tabitha says:
  2. DaMonkeyOnCrack says:

    It depends on budget. If you want a top of the line gaming laptop, I suggest to go with Asus, Alienware or Falcon Northwest. If you want a mid-range computer that can play older and newer games on medium settings, look for a laptop with an i7 in it. I have a $700 (price has probably gone down since I got it last year) Toshiba Satellite A665-S5187X with an i7, 8 GB of ram and Intel HD Graphics 3000 and I can play GTA IV, Boarderlands 2 and Skyrim on medium settings and Assassin’s Creed Revelations on medium-high and Dead Space, Dead Space 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and Flight Simulator X maxed out

  3. ibm > all

  4. Alienware is way too overpriced and not all that great and quite ugly in my opinion.
    MSI is my favorite option as they are quite sleek and use the steel series keyboard and Killer gigabit LAN.

  5. Ricky Meetei says:


  6. Alienware! They look so damn cool. Wish i had one.

  7. Blake Barker says:

    Alienware, but they’re pricey…

    For a non, still good gaming laptop, try:

  8. asus cooling is the best. other than that the components are the same and brand wont make much of a difference. alienwares have some cooling issues (as with all dells) and are quite pricey.

  9. Xboxer214 says:

    Don’t buy a Alienware it’s a sh*ty laptop try DELL, Asus or Origin laptop would be better a Razor if you play league of legends.

  10. I trust Razer for all of my gaming purchases, but there is a slight issue: You gotta have lots of $$$ for their gaming laptops.

    Their website is:

  11. None. Desktops built from retail parts are absolutely superior than any laptop.

    Anyway, it’s nearly impossible to recommend one brand, especially when OEM GPUs can be heavily modified (for better or worse) by the laptop manufacturer. (In other words, between brands, you must check gaming benchmarks regardless if it’s the same GPU model number).

  12. Katherine says:

    Go for Alienware because Alienware leads the world in high performance gaming computers.

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