Belkin wireless g notebook network card?

Ok i just bought one, however im not sure if it might be compatable with vista. I’ve gone onto the website and there are different models with the same model no: F5D7010. How do i find the exact model number. I’ve looked on the card, everywhere in the box really need help.


  1. Doesn’t your laptop have Wifi built-in? All modern ones do. The "Belkin wireless g notebook network card" is an add-on for laptops that don’t have WiFi, a PCMCIA card.

    Read your laptop User Manual and return the Belkin.

    You do need a wireless router, though, to connect to your DSL / Cable modem. WiFi Routers are small computers with their own operating system, at least one antenna and Ethernet ports.

    So, it doesn’t matter what OS your PC uses.

  2. try XP drivers on Vista…for some hardware it works…if Vista says it’s not safe…ingnore and continue…see what happens then

  3. sayitasitis says:

    Seems nothin works with vista. My dongle doesnt either.

  4. when you went onto Belkin website,did you notice if they had a tecnical support email address or phone no.?have another look & if there is try contacting them,they should be able to tell you.Some of these websites have forums,people write in
    sometimes with questions & also answers,it may be worth a look.Or else contact the store where you bought it & ask there tech team.Good luck!

  5. inconclusive_conjunction says:

    Yes, it has drivers available for Vista. You can find your exact card version by looking on the back. You will see a small sticker that says something like


    Find it in the list on this page, and download the drivers.

  6. KnowSomeStuff says:

    Well the swampabbean thing to do is drink a Belikin. Okay just kidding. Recheck the card.

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