belkin wireless card f5d7010 for notebook?

hello i got a belkin f5d7010 wireless card 4 my notebook and it is not being detected neither is my belking usb 2.0 wlan. so i was wondering weather anyone could help me solve the probleam thanks
havent got the disk
it keeps on saying when inserted need network controller and i go on wizard to find it and nothinks there


  1. belkin supply a CD with their cards, run the CD first before you install the (presumably PCMCIA) card. when you slot it in for the first time, it should install itself

    if that dont work, try it in another laptop because there is a possibility that either your PCMCIA slot is faulty or the card

  2. I have 3 DELL Notebook PCs and though ll have Built-in Intel ProSet WiFI, I came into possession and got excellent use of "add-on" PCMIA and USB WiFi adapters bec my 1st Notebook PC (Gateway) did not and they worked so well that I kept and actually own a backup WiFi adapters like the BELKIN Wireless Pre-N Notebook Network Card F5D8010 that I will take & carry along esp on vacations bec if the built-in WiFi card does not detect surrounding wireless networks, I don’t give up rather I go to Plan B and attach the Linksys <= both are USB or my Belkine Pre-N WiFi Adapter is specifically for an older DELL Latitude D800 Notebook PC.

    Guess what? when I pack my 3 Notebook PCs <= yes, I have 2 kids who love to play online games and a wife who is a software developer, one of the first times when I removed the Belkin WiFi PCMIA adapter when we got to our destination, Notebook PC refused to read Belkin WiFi drivers so I went I got home I had to "RELOAD THE DRIVERS again from the Belkin CD or you could always find them at the Belkin website" and since then everything works fine, but now I alway take the WiF CD as well.

    Hope the Above Info Helps and Best of Luck!

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