are these laptops reliable?

Hp G70 laptop 17.3


  1. No Hp’s are not reliable at all. They make VERY bad computers and they overheat a lot due to poor ventilation design.Don’t waste your money on a hp. Get another brand instead

  2. Yes it is good

  3. Yes It is worth buying

  4. Smoke DatKUSH says:

    most computers are of equal/similar reliability. No comparison there.

  5. ♪Τ☮MM¥ ♥ ♫♪♭♬♪♋ ♂ ★☀♡ says:

    I own a HP Laptop HDX13 and the wireless adapter on it sucks sometimes it goes completely nuts
    on & off on & off luckily i know how to fix the issue…

    not saying you’ll have the same issue but do your homework when buying a laptop first


    Hp G70 laptop 17.3 problems and see what comes up

    and check if the fan is on the button of that laptop if it is it is useless because most likely wherever you put it it’s going to overheat…

    lap ,desk, ext….

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