are the Acer laptops reliable?

i have the Acer Red 11.6" AO725-0687 Laptop PC with AMD Dual-Core C-70 Accelerated Processor and Windows 8 Operating System
Model #: AO725-0687 |
UPC: 0088654174169
i need to know if it is reliable


  1. well Acer Computers do have nicknames (asser) they are known to be terrible and easily breakable computers! they have released pretty good laptops since Windows 8 but even then Ehh… your best bet is anything Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Some Hp’s.
    and thats ehh ‘ok’ specs depending on what you use it for.

  2. hmmm no i have one right now that i’m typing on and each time i type it keeps moving the mouse every wheres by it self I’ve heard many other people had this problem, also when i type it always goes back to the beginning of the sentence so i have to keep moving it back to where i was typing. don’t ever get a Acer but hey people might be lucky and not have this problem :/

  3. I have had no issue with my ASUS NV55S07u laptop made by Acer.
    I have had it for a year and a half without issue.

    In the end, reliability is based on how the user’s treat it.

    Regular drivers will get several hundred thousand miles from a Toyota.
    But a person that plays "Fast and Furious" is going to blow or burn it up in a couple thousand miles.

  4. Shaho Khana says:

    Acer laptops are perfect. My Acer laptop works great with gaming, general computing and surfing. It’s very quick and very high quality.

    @Hinata – Perhaps your palm is brushing against your touch-pad as you type, you idiot?

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