Are notebooks as good as laptops?

The laptop I have now is pretty much dying, and I quite like notebooks as their smaller, but I still need a decent one to write essays on, have my iTunes and Kindle on. So it needs good memory…

I was wondering if they are just as good, as I was told battery life is longer or should I just stick to buying another laptop?

I think I mean a netbook….


  1. I personally like notebooks more, they’re small and battery life lasts much longer (as you mentioned).
    I have a macbook pro, and it can have iTunes, Kindle and you can download Microsoft Office for word to write essays.

    The only problem I’ve noticed so far is that it tends to heat up very fast when doing certain things, but during kindle, iTunes, and Word it stays fine.

  2. A notebook IS a laptop!
    You must mean a netbook. They usually have no CD/DVD drive and less storage (disk )space and RAM☺

  3. C U Next Tuesday! says:

    nope.. you want sturdy, with memory and reliable space… and will take applications.. input output that works… stick with laps!

  4. Ishaku Ibrahim says:

    if you have the money,go for another laptop and have notebooks at your disposal.

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