Are lenovo notebooks made by IBM?

and would you recommend them?


  1. No. they are made by Lenovo. IBM no longer makes personal computers.

    IBM sold it’s personal computer division to Lenovo a few years back. So all the people who designed, built, tested and supported PCs for IBM were sold to Lenovo where they do the same job that they used to do.

    Yes I would recommend them.

  2. HalORidN says:

    My cousin has one, wouldnt suggest it. Im usually the one fixin the problems, and im always busy,
    My Girlfriends own an HP Ideapad
    not bad at all

  3. z☺☺mjet►►► says:

    Lenovo (a Chinese company and one of the largest PC makers in the world) bought IBM’s pc division and now make Thinkpads. As far as I am aware, Lenovo generally has a good reputation.

  4. IBM sold the Thinkpad brand and plant, so they’re technically not made by IBM anymore. However, they’re still very much "Thinkpads" and carry a lot of the IBM innovation and engineering behind them.

  5. says:

    Essentially, Lenovo is the manufacturing plant for IBM when IBM made Thinkpad, so yes.

  6. peacefuldisaster says:

    No. Lenovo is an independent company headquartered in China, and the machines are manufactured in China at Lenovo factories.

    IBM sold off their PC division to Lenovo about 5 years ago and is no longer in the PC business. Years before this sale had even taken place, IBM had contracted Lenovo to build the Thinkpads for them. So Lenovo made notebooks for IBM, not the other way around.

    There are better choices in laptop computers than Lenovo Thinkpads.

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