Are Laptops the same as Notebooks?

I know Netbooks are smaller but Laptops and Notebooks look the same.
No Mowse I said Notebooks they are the same size as Laptops Netbooks are smaller
Thank-you Narasimhan thats what I thought but wasn’t sure it must be a new name for Laptops I was in Ireland recently and in electrical shops you only see netbooks and notebooks not laptops
Chubbysomo maybe thats why you have 0% for Best Answers because you are so helpful and polite not everyone has a one degree under lol
Hi There I think people are getting mixed up with Notebooks and Netbooks or they didn’t read my question properly I know what a NETBOOK is IT IS SMALLER but NOTEBOOKS ARE THE SAME SIZE AS LAPTOPS


  1. What a load of petty bickering over not very much! As Narasimhan says, the terms are interchangeable, some manufacturers call their laptops notebooks, some call their notebooks laptops, and some use the term laptop notebook. Nothing to get exercised about.

  2. Duuuuh..
    All these people are morons :p

  3. Chubbysumo says:

    wow, the sheer stupidity of these answers amazes me. They are the same. A notebook computer is any computer that is 14in or greater in screen size and is considered portable. All laptops are notebooks, all notebooks are laptops.

  4. Narasimhan. . says:

    Laptop and notebook are same , netbook is different

  5. Chloé L. says:

    Laptops are lightweight, designed for typing while holding it on your lap.
    Notebooks are heavier and are designed for placing on a desk or table.
    Netbooks are wifi ready laptops.

    Some people call notebooks by the term laptop, but if it’s too heavy to hold on your lap for an hour at a time, then it’s not a laptop.

  6. Netbook, laptop or note book thy all are same as in portable pc
    No difference in any of them, apart from specifications I.e. Hdd size, processor size, screen size and so on

  7. Laptops are more powerful. Netbooks are slightly more portable.

  8. nope

  9. Abbey Davidson says:


  10. Cassandra says:


    Note books typically do not have a CD/DVD drive and often come with Windows Starter.

    Whereas Laptops have a DVD Read/Writer and usually Windows 7 Home.

    Windows starter does not include Media Player

    If you just want to get on the internet and send emails a notebook if great.

    If you want to do more get a laptop.

    I hope this helps – Regards – Cassandra.

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