Are Ipads Worth It..?

for someone who has an iphone, is an ipad worth the money..?
i kinda want an ipad so i can watch stuff on a bigger screen, but is it not just basically the same as an iphone?

and also, is an ipad 2 really much better than the original?
thanks =)


  1. I think the iPad is worth the money. It’s exactly used for home entertainment. The iPhone is a cellphone and its screen is too small.

  2. AskMeAnswerMePlease says:

    Yes and No because I think every iPad except for the iPad 2 and the iPad mini is too expensive because they don’t have a camera or the other features of the iPad 2 and the iPad mini but iPad 2 and the iPad mini on the other hand do have a camera, stunning HD. I myself DO have a iPad 2 and i feel there is no flaw about it. If your busy or a busy traveler id buy the iPad mini because its a iPad 2 but small so its more portable. (ANSWER:) I ONLY think the iPad 2 and the iPad mini are worth the money

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