Are HP Laptops reliable & trustworthy?

I am thinking about this one, it’s specifications are perfect, but will it last for long enough?


  1. bruce lee says:

    Fantastic laptops avoid acer and fujitsu dell are ok i got a hp dr dre beats audio and it is awsome

  2. Daniel Smith says:

    I have had HP laptops since 2007 and I have found them to be very reliable and built to an excellent standard and now they are very competitive In pricing too. They do quality designs and they are built like a tank. HP laptops used to have a sticker stating "Built to last" and they really are. You won’t need to replace that laptop for at least 3 years unless you always want to keep up with new technology, like me.

  3. Yes, the only brands you need to be careful with are Dell and Acer.

  4. yes i believe that HP is really good.

  5. ,_______, Durp says:

    HP Laptops, among the PC enthusiast and gaming community are known to get disastrously hot. However HP laptops have changed dramatically over the past 2 years so most newer laptops shouldn’t have many heat problems.
    The Envy 6 should be fine, I would get the laptop if i were you.

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