are Dell inspiron laptops anygood?

im looking for a new laptop and have been thinking about a dell inspiron
pros and cons?


Sarah B


  1. The older inspiron models (9xxx series) where far better than the newer ones. Dell have cut corners on manufacturing and I believe the quality and reliability has suffered greatly.

  2. i take it you mean in terms of reliability if so to the best of my knowledge there’s not much in it with the exception of Phillip’s. i don’t own a laptop myself i have a hp pavilion desk top PC wasn’t cheap
    but is a very high end one have it 3 years now no problems so far’
    when i bought it new i asked the repair shops for there advice on PCs
    and laptops they said there all pretty much the same but as i mentioned earlier the Philips ones are not to good. the repair men claim they get a lot in to fix very often. what i can tell you if its reliability your after always
    buy a laptop with a fully removable hard drive because 9 times out of ten when a PC or laptop breaks down it’s almost Always the hard drive
    so if you can remove it easily all you have to do is replace the drive and its fixed. also the main reason for PC and laptop failure is over heating so chose one with good ventilation and the more fans it has the better. they run cooler and are usually more reliable. and always look for one that has a good battery run time one with a lithium battery is always the best you’ll pay more for it in the short term but you’ll be glad you did you also get much faster charge times and no memory effect on the battery look for one that has at least 8 hours run time on a charge. don’t stint on memory get one with a good processor and a lot of memory it will cost a bit more but remember you’ll be stuck with it for a long time if you need to save a bit more then it will be worth the wait i paid more for my desk top and im now glad i did because i find to many people cut corners and then later regret it. as i said earlier my PC is a hp but i personally think hp PCs and laptops are a bit
    to expensive. look at ACER there usually pretty good from what i here in
    terms of reliability and are a good price too. as for dell you should Always ask the repair shops advice as these guys work with and fix them every day so they’ll know witch is best all round that’s what i did
    and i have no regrets. take your time and ask a lot of repair men for there advice then sit down and do the math to see witch laptops get
    the best recommendation. but one strong word of advice don’t listen to sales people that are selling you a laptop because there just in it to make a sale and they’ll sell you any old piece of junk its there job to sell
    things remember they just want your money. i hope the advice i gave you helps take care and good luck

  3. i love mine and the reason is support you get from dell i find it second to none i would love a new 1 but cant stand vista this one is 4 years old and still going strong ok i have had a few problems but dell have always fixed them

  4. JaffaBiscuitz<3 says:

    In all honesty, I’m sitting using one right now and I can safely say I regret ever buying it.

    I wouldn’t and haven’t recommended it to anyone.

    Thought I’d be honest.

    -Louise xo

  5. Nope, dell are very unreliable. There are better makes out there such as HP which are brilliant!

  6. no they are crap.
    if you like dell. go for the business model

    like these

    these cost a bit more but have a real good build quality

  7. Well Dell in my experience are quite reliable, but it depends on what your going to use the laptop for that and having windows vista on the thing you will want quite a nice spec at least a Intel Core 2 Duo and 2-3GB of RAM maybe this one will suite you…

    second option £399 nice lappy, and can be upgraded to Windows 7 when its out!

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