Are Dell computer’s any good?

I’m thinking of purchasing a Dell computer but i am unsure, as i have come across forums on the internet with disgruntled customers exclaiming how terrible their customer service and quality of computer’s are. Any feedback from those who have dealt with Dell before would be helpful.


  1. Dell computers are good, the special gaming ones are very good, customer service is very bad.

  2. Marvin M says:

    They make good computers (I mean the XPS). The XPS are very good. If you want to buy a computer from Dell, buy a Dell XPS 630.

  3. Shambles says:

    I am using a Dell Studio 1735. I am quite pleased with it. Cannot answer your question on Customer Care as I have not had to use it.

  4. Dell? ew! no way..

    I’d buy anothr mac… only that will be my next computer..

    did U kno ?
    Apple has won the best customer service satisfaction for a few consecutive years now..

  5. They are cheap but i dont think they are that good. My friend had 1 his just kept messing up for example kept crashing and there was alwayz a problem he even returned it n got another 1 same problem agen

    Its all about luck some people have it and its perfect

    If i was u get a Toshiba 1. There are the best make and they are wicked same goes with sony aswell

  6. Heather J says:

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop.

    I bought in in June 2008 and about 4 weeks later it stopped charging. I phoned Dell – they called me back within 20 minutes. They diagnosed it was the actual charger lead at fault and sent one out by courier the next day.

    The laptop is as good as any others I’ve used and better than the HP desktop I used before this.

  7. good computers but dont get the mini dell 9 model has no cd drive and is really hard to use, also slow use on the internet i think because less memory.

  8. speyhawkzamek says:

    Haven’t had any major problem with mine but its high end and cost a packet .at the end of the day you get what you pay for.

  9. They are not too bad in terms of customer service and support, but build quality is a huge issue in my opinion. I would recommend getting a Thinkpad (if you’re getting a laptop).. For a desktop, I would recommend anything but an HP, Sony Vaio and Toshiba- they are junk.

  10. Dell is good, but if something happens to it you have to send it to them to get it fixed. Or if you find someone that can fix it besides them they still have to supply the parts. compaq is a really good computer!

  11. atom-12 says:

    No they aren’t very good. If you want something on that same level, go with Gateway instead.

    However, they both suck!

    Buy a Toshiba

  12. smellkarmazin says:

    Think of it this way. Everyones customer service sucks so you may as well go with a company that you know will be around for awhile which Dell definitely will. We have 4 in my home and I think they are the best!

  13. X!! SAM !!X says:

    yep i am on my spring green 1525 !!! now its fab

  14. Lisa T (Stop BSL) says:

    I have a dell Desktop as well as a laptop from Dell and I love the computers. The Customer Service is not the best, but you rarely need it anyway.

  15. Mystery says:

    they are crap, don’t buy one, cause once u take it home. they fall apart

  16. You’re correct. You get what you pay for.

    edit: Dell "use to" make good desktops. Their previous reputation and heavy marketing is the only reason why people buy them. Even on their high-end desktops, they use Maxtor (cheap crap) hard drives.

  17. uraloserface101 says:

    Laptops are great otherwise not really so much. However the really high-end dell computers are very very very nice. but they cost a pretty penny

  18. jadedoood says:

    Dells are cheap and fairly good computers; they are by no means powerful gaming systems (Except for the XPS), but they are functional and stable for general use.

    I personally think apple/ mac is better!

  19. Mass manufactured computers are rarely as good as custom built ones–certain parts that aren’t necessary in their marketing scheme can be of the lowest quality–but a computer is a computer; customer service isn’t what you’re asking about.

    I have heard that Dell motherboards are generally low quality, but this can be said about most PC manufacturers. Speaking from my Dell laptop’s perspective, the build quality is great and the motherboard is sufficient–but I use this laptop purely for work and nothing more.

    If your needs are high-end gaming, I would certainly look into building your own. Otherwise, a Dell will likely suit you fine.

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