Are Asus laptops any good?

Would you recommend buying a a asus laptop. Are they reliable? please only respond if you used or own an asus laptop. Thanks


  1. I bought one of the cheap asus laptops for boxing day, and guess what? They are really solid powerful machines would reccommend them to anyone, they are one of the best. I love my laptop!

  2. Jim Maryland says:

    As with any vendor, you need to select a model that meets your needs. I’ve been happy with Asus so far for a gaming laptop I purchased a while back. The laptop is a bit heavier so if I were buying it solely for carrying around while at school for example, I’d probably go with a lower end model. Given it was purchased for my daughter to primarily edit photos and do some gaming and mobility wasn’t an absolute requirement, the model works for me.

    The only complaint I can think of related to at least my Asus model was that the speaker volume was a bit low and I was unable to find a way to increase it. I knew it could go louder based on the volume level when you first turned it on, but all the Windows settings for it didn’t help. I eventually had to reinstall the OS (daughter clicking some things a bit too carelessly at one point) and the volume issue went away.

    I spent about $1200 on this model a few years back and as far as laptops go, I think it was worth it. I’ve used other laptops for work from Dell, HP, and IBM/Lenovo and they have worked fine but weren’t exactly high end systems (well the HP was pretty high end, just not setup with great graphics) and they all served their purpose. Others have recommended Acer or Gateway laptops but my only experience was rebuilding a Gateway NetBook for a relative. The hard drive had failed so I had to work through Acer/Gateway support and found their recovery media had a problem writing the master boot record (MBR). Acer/Gateway suggested mailing the NetBook back to be repaired with a charge of $99, which I avoided with a Linux LiveCD distro that had some nice file utilities and ended up easily repairing the recovery install.

  3. i’m the same asus probably good if you want to clock it or mod it but for everyday use i stick to acer since i use to fix laptops and computers and they where the ones that didn’t come in often

  4. well im using mine and its amazing… one of the best laptops ive ever used and i would recommend it to anyone (im using the asus eee pad transformer)

  5. Yes they are good but i would recommend an acer laptop they are good and cheap.

  6. ASUS are good laptops
    they last

    ACER on the other hand are basically GATEWAY laptops!!!! do not get these laptops!!!

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