Are acer laptops good/reliable?

I’m thinking of buying this laptop for uni –

Looks like a good deal for the specs but I haven’t purchased from acer before so I don’t know whether they are a good company to buy a laptop from?


  1. I’ve been using my acer since may now, and i havent recieved any problems yet. so far it runs smooth, can run just about anything, and is decent for games (but not for hardcore gamers that require massive amounts of RAM and video memory). they are easy to use and i would recommend one, the one i have has a big screen and 1-3 battery life depending on what ur doing. so yes acers are good but its good to browse other models depending what wat u want to do with ur computer and ur price range, now that i see the model and picture it is the one that i have, and i would recommend :D

  2. boen747 says:

    Acers not to bad just dont go with Dell, HP or Alien ware because they are overpriced for what they come with.

  3. Slickwilly says:

    I have an acer and it is the best laptop I’ve ever owned. they are very durable as I have beat the crap out of my Extensa 5620. I spilled a beer and a coke on it and it didn’t even blink. Great costumer service. acers speakers arn’t the best.

  4. boatman says:

    I have a acer desktop and it is good .I also have a acer net-book but its broken and is being mended by the suppliers.
    Overall I think they are a good computer.

  5. Jerry J says:

    I rate them behind Dell and HP. check the Inspiron 15

  6. Acers have an issue with not starting up sometimes, it is a design flaw with the motherboard. Sometimes actually force-bending the case will fix it, or I have known people to open the case & put some cardboard under the front left corner of the motherboard to force it up so the thing starts.

  7. Good value for money machine but poor battery life.

  8. devongoddess says:

    I love my Acer, my sister has Acer as does my best mate. I think they are the best value for money, as you are not paying for the brand.

    Dell, HP, Sony and Apple look great and are great but you can stick a 1 in front of the price to cover the cost of the label.

  9. I am actually in favor Hp laptops but I am thinking that
    Acer Aspire laptops are great…

    I found one here:

    And they looks so amazing…
    and I found one from amazon also:

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