are acer laptops good?

Looking to buy the "Acer Aspire 5672WLMi Core Duo T2400 1.83GHz 2GB 120GB DVD±RW XPHome" from, but was wondering if acer laptops are good and reliable.


  1. fobulous69chink says:

    Dell is the worst when it comes to return stats and customer satifaction, dispite all the hype around it as "America’s favorite". Gateway is actually the best with customer satisfaction. If you want a good price and a good laptop, go with ACER. If you want a bad price and a supreme laptop, go with apple. If you want a bad price and an excellent laptop, go with HP or Toshiba. If you want a average price with a average laptop, go with VAIO (it looks good too).
    Personally, I bought a Toshiba SK9. 1800 for the sexiest beast you’ll ever see. The reason I chose this one is not because of the price, and not just because it’s a overall good laptop, but because I can upgrade its ram to 4G.
    See, computers don’t get slower in 3 years. You THINK they get slower because you use other, faster computers. Want a good investment? Look for a laptop with a fast enough processor to install vista, with 3+ USB, and with an upgradable RAM.
    Good luck finding your laptop. Because I’m in love with mine :)

    The laptop that you described should be around 1500 if not less. If it’s anything higher, which i doubt because it’s ACER, go with something else.
    Look at the Toshiba SK8 and the Sony custom laptop pages for price comparison.

  2. Sunshine says:

    No, my son had tons of problems. And their customer service is beyond belief. They had his laptop back to base around 5 times and still couldn’t fix the problem, then they had the cheek to say they wouldn’t be charging us, it was under guarantee at the time.

    In the end we wrote to Comet where we had it from with a letter from trading standards, they told us to go to the store and get a replacement, we did, a Toshiba which so far has been great.

  3. I have used Acer laptops for the past 2 years and the company I used to work for sold them exclusively. We sold over 200 in a 2 year period and have only had 2 returned with any sort of problem. (1 a bad cd drive, and one bad ram)

    Their tech support was good and the price is just right accross the board. For the model you are describing you should be paying less than $1250.

  4. Kat S. R says:

    Over all Acer usually has some of the best components with average frame/build for a very decent price. They usually have a very good (low) price for their aspire models with a corresponding cheaper build (good cpu/memory- not so good/intergrated graphics- lightweight frame). For desktop replacement or a semi-portable solution, they are well worth the money.

    As for your particular model, I would suggest visiting:

    It does have a known heat problem and there a couple tricks you can do to get even more out of the system. They also have good guides on what & where to buy laptops.

  5. TechHead says:

    If it’s for working on then big corporations buy hundres of laptops for their staff. They buy laptops that have good clear screens and don’t break easily. They don’t by acer. The corporations with not much money buy Dell (awful keyboards), but the corporations that can afford quality by IBM/Leveno ThinkPad laptops. Check out the thinkpad R series which is cheaper than the business T series. Don’t be tempted by gimicky tablets PCs. Recommend go to a store for business PCs and try out the screens and keyboards on the display models and see what you like.

    You’re making the right choice to go for one with intel core duo.

    Make use you get very good warranty. Laptops can be dropped…

  6. xlord_vader says:

    Acer is a good company, which does make good laptops.
    If you know aobut their Ferrari laptops you wouuld not doubt them. Thier Ferrari laptops are especially meant for gaming and multimedia. Its comparable to an Alienware Mid range laptop. They have come in new into the North American Market compared to the other countries. It gives you good features at good prices. Because they are made in China/Taiwan and they are a Taiwanese company hence they have lower production costs. If you are still uncomfortable with Acer, the only other company I would suggest is HP. They also provide good stuff at good prices. I have known my friends who have bought Dell recently to face a lot of problem with their batteries and adapter. Even though Dell does have good service support, its troublesome when you have parts like those failing. HP on the other hand is much better.

  7. Richard R says:

    Had mine 14 month and not a single problem !.

  8. Josh Richardson says:

    They are cheaper and relatively reliable but you are better off getting one’s from Toshiba , Sony , Dell etc.

  9. In my experience (and several of my friends), Acers are solid and reliable laptops. These reviews:

    are for the next model down from yours – it has only 1GB ram instead of 2 – but the reviews are generally excellent. You will see a few dissenters, but weigh them appropriately – some people tend to overreact. The reviews are generally excellent, and I think you are making a good purchase!

  10. My daughter bought an ACER last year and loves it. She uses it on a daily and professional level.If you want other opinions queary ACER Laptop Reviews and you should get enough hits to make the right decision for yourself.

  11. Acer have a good reputation for PC equipment, but what ever solution you decide upon get a 3 year warranty! A replacement motherboard or screen can cost more than the purchase!!!

  12. Adsense$$$Maker says:

    The configuration seems good. Acer is quite a good brand

  13. Detroit says:

    acers are horrible do not get that

  14. Big Bear says:

    I would personally recommend dell when it comes to laptops but accer are renowned for their fast processers visit

  15. Heather says:

    I have an Acer Aspire, I’ve had it for 18 months and absolutely no problems my sister has got the Acer notepad version and she’s had no problems either.

    There are really good, well designed and very reliable.

    Hope this helps.

  16. Jake Cigar says:

    they are OK, but you want SUPPORT! make sure you get the amount of support you will need!

  17. thats ok but watch out for the battery it may have come from dell

  18. Jusna Baby says:

    we have that. and its good. its cheaper than rest. works like any other laptop

  19. no they crap the screen always fails within 6 months dont touch em

  20. Seyed Salim T says:

    Try sony – toshiba – dell/hp

  21. When I bought my first laptop, I wasnt sure what to buy. Then I asked one of my geek mate, who works for a very popular IT company. He travels a lot and drop his laptop a lot as well. He had been using only Acer Travelmates for over 5 years then [back in 2003]. Hence, I bought a acer travelmate. after joining uni, I have known 2 of my mates to drop their acer travelmates [Travelmate 291LCI pro to be exact just as mine] on street tarmac in front of me, though, only by mistake. However, the only thing to happen to the laptop was their batteries came out. next minute they are working as usual. Last xmas ['05], i treated myself to acer ferrari 4005wlmi, and gave my travelmate to my younger brother, who goes to uni now. still now, i have never had even a single trouble with any one of them; nor heard any one to have one. though, from my mates experiences at uni, i know for sure, sony vaios to have dead lcds, dell lattitudes to have charger problems, and hp compaq to have dead keyboard key problem. even though, i dont exactly know why these laptops got these problems, in first place, i would be happy to recommend acer without any hesitation, and by the way, may i recommend you something better for your quid ? go for acer ferrari 4002. i am providing a link to one of acer exclusive webstore, they are really cheap as well. acer always gives u better bang for your quids.

    PS: I hereby declare that I donot work for any company named above. Nor am I am getting any money for this recommendation. :-) Cheers and good luck with your purchase!!

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