Are Acer laptops any good?

I am going to univeristy in 2 weeks and I still need to buy a new laptop, I’ve seen some good offers on a few Acer laptops, for example a laptop with a printer for £299. Would the laptop last for 2 years? I won’t be able to afford repairs, would i be better off spending all of my money on a HP or Toshiba laptop instead?


  1. the laptop will last for more than 2 years if you take care of it. Make sure it has plenty of ventitliation and use a dust buster to wipe off all the dust. Keep it cool and keep it clean. I had a ‘crappy’ laptop that is still running very well and it outlasted my sisters Sony laptop.

  2. I find Acers to be excellent, very reliable.

    Always back up your work to external/cd/dvd.

    If anything goes wrong, Acer are very easy to restore to factory settings.

  3. I think Acer are generally alright. I have an Acer desktop PC. The problem is their after sales service. When I told them I’d opened the case to put a second hard drive in, they put the phone down on me.

    I wouldn’t recommend them if you’re going to do ANY DIY maintenance!!!

  4. A timely question. I’m, on an Acer Aspire now.
    In a week or so Microsoft is shipping their NEW tablet, $199.
    Hold your breath. Other companies are too. Toshiba already has a
    laptop with a built in tablet on the back of the cover, scratch pad.
    Check out the current issue of PCWorld magazine or their
    website for tablet reviews and more.

  5. Mick Janchura UK says:

    packardbell is better made by acer….mines never crashed

  6. vashappeninboys says:

    all laptops I had were acers, I didn’t really have any problems with them except for my hard drive but that can happen on any laptop. I love acers, they run smoothly and since you’re going into university get alot of GB on it so you have alot of space for documents.

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