Are acer a waste of spacer?

My sons acer laptop lasted 13 months then one day the screen stayed black. Its not been on since and i cant get it to boot up. Pc world said they dont repair acer even though they sell them. A retailer said acer put cheap motherboards in which dont last. All over the internet this has happened to others. YET they still get away with it. I was warned about acer before i brought but never listened.
aka..My acer cost £500 and i expected it to last longer than 13 months..and i am not the only one who like you say is "unlucky" i can find 1000 unhappy customers in the blink of an eye..the problem is acer are getting away with it..they dont care..they have your money..but if you give them another £50 they will look at the laptop for what a bargain so hard to resist..i wouldnt have an acer now if it was given for free.


  1. Michael B says:

    No cer, Acer are not a waste of spacer.

  2. oaka pc support says:

    Perhaps you have been unlucky. In my time I have sold several Acer laptops to friends and family and online. I also own a couple and have never had any problems. The only one ever returned was the result of my customer hitting the keyboard in frustration during an argument with his girl friend….I shouldn’t laugh.
    Anyway in my experience when people come to me and are on a limited budget I have no problem recommending Acer. Where money is not a concern I tend to lean towards Sony and Toshiba.

    A note to Darren, thanks for the interesting failure rate insights. Very interesting indeed, can you tell me your source of information I’d be keen to pick up more detailed data. I’m slightly surprised that Asus is comparable with Toshiba as I’m fairly sure that Acer and Asus are branches of the same company…

  3. Connie H says:

    not sure what they or who they are that warn you!! as for sales companies, well they are there to get money off the public, and that is clear with the terms of cheap motherboards, all computer manufacturers use bought in parts, unless they directly manufacture the parts themselves with is rare, most items in any computer are not in fact built on site for or by a specific computer company.

    as for screens going black, that could be a lot of things, it could be windows has stopped working, or that some aspect of the driver has failed which can be found out if, the problem is a software one, a screen is like a TV set it has to have some instruction codes, to make it work and this code is termed a driver.

    if the computer wont boot up and there is no ACER logo on the screen it does not mean that it is a motherboard if in fact any light comes on or if, any cooling fan and other things start up. as for PC world they are probably only interested in getting you to buy another machine no doubt some junker such as ADVENT or some other heap. and its very odd that they did not tell you to contact ACER over the phone or find out how to get the unit repaired if in fact its a component fault at all.

    consequentially a dead computer has hallmarks which have to be diagnosed, such as a failed hard drive, driver loss, windows OS fail, or complete fail of a hard ware component its very odd that a snap judgement by sales staff would translate into some meaningful fact unless they have the experience we have or they have diagnosed the fault!!!!!!!

    your first port of call should be contact ACER if there is a fault they would have the repair centre to deal with the problem.

  4. Another Me says:

    Acer, like most PC brands, are cheaply manufactured with low quality standards. I have an Acer laptop for work and all of the ports on one corner of it have failed, probably due to a faulty power rail in that part of the motherboard. Not worth fixing. Other than that, it’s a powerful laptop (Core2Duo processor) that still holds it’s own quite nicely against even new ones of a similar price. Would much rather have a Toshiba though.

  5. Acer are middle of the road in terms of reliability. It’s a trade-off between the cheap initial price set against the reliability. Unfortunately Acers have a fairly high expected (projected) failure rate compared with other laptop brands. About 23.3% failure rate within a 3 year period is the expected failure rate for an Acer.

    Asus, Toshiba and Sony have the lowest (best) failure rates with around 15-16% in a 3 year period.

    Unfortunately a lot of this stuff isn’t mentioned when they sell you the laptop. You’re expected to do your own research on this which seems unfair really.

    I’m surprised by PC World saying they won’t repair the laptop. I’d have thought they’d repair it, albeit for a charge. What’s really annoying is that it’s just outside of it’s manufacturers warranty and that is very unfair.

    The problem you describe could be the motherboard or it could be a problem with the LCD panel. Either way, repairing the laptop is possibly going to cost more than the laptop is worth. If you have an external computer monitor available – try plugging that in and see if you can get a picture through the monitor. You may need to press certain keys on the keyboard to switch to monitor mode.

    If you can’t get a picture through monitor or through the LCD panel then the issue will probably be with the motherboard.

  6. Hi.

    Not sure if acer are a waste of space ,they are cheaper than most .
    Had mine for a couple of years now , still working.

    If the mother board has gone then that is that but if windows is corrupt.
    One thing worth trying .

    A factory restore on an ACER can be done with out a recovery CD/DVD as long as your partition is still in-tack as all Acers keep a copy hidden on the hard drive

    Turn computer on .

    As soon as the Acer logo appears on screen hold ALT then repeatedly press F10.

    You will need a password if you have never made any back ups or used Acer erecovery program before then you would have not been asked to create a password if this is the case the default password is "000000" (six zeros)

    If you have used this program before then use your password.

    Select Factory if this is desired but you could also select from another back up point if you have made any.

  7. Sometimes you might get lucky and get Acer that lasts for a long time but most of them that I have seen they dont last long.

    You pay for the quality on PC.

  8. Gemini DjC says:

    ive got an acer, no problems in 5 years, still using it now. i guess im a lucky one. i will always stick with Acer

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