Apple iPad mini or Apple iPad 2?

I wanted iPad, but thought it was expensive.
When I went for online shopping, I saw that iPad was for INR24000 and iPad mini was for INR21000
That means there is almost no difference in the price.
But when I saw both(in real life), I saw that iPad mini also looked wonderful
Which is more comfortable to use?
Which one has better specs?
Which is better according to you?

p.s. I am talking about the iPad without retina display
Is iPad easy to carry around in day-to-day life?


  1. iPad Mini and iPad 2 use the same hardware inside, I.e the chip.

    I would prefer the iPad Mini because the camera is way better compared to iPad 2 and is usable also, whereas the camera on iPad 2 is worst even compared to iPhone 3Gs.

    iPad Mini is the one with better screen resolution so you would be able to find games, pictures, movies etc more fun to watch or play.

    Comments on iPad Mini vs iPad 2, would definitely help you out in making this decision:

    Which is more comfortable to use? iPad Mini since you can carry in both hands easily and you can even carry around with you easily compared to iPad 2

    Which one has better specs? Both have pretty much same specs but few innerwares are better on iPad Mini because of being the newer version

    Which is better according to you? iPad Mini. It is very much portable and yet big enough to enjoy movies and stuff.

    Hope this helped!

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