ants in my notebook,?

Each time i put my notebook down, i see ants walking along it, top and screen, when i lift it up i see ants on the table. I have cleaned all i can, around keys battery pack usb ports cd draw, whats going on??? i have moved alot out but sure, each day i see 10 plus. I know they will be back tomorrow. At the end of my use i cover it and put in my bag. no ants in the bag, any suggestions please, thank you
OK so i am in Thailand and many critters, but , hair dryer idea i like HOWEVER, no one in thailand uses these things, so, an heat source is my remedy, ?? but no hairdryer. hmmmmm
Thank you everyone.


  1. Remove ants from notebook.

  2. Unless you sort out the ‘source’ of the ant invasion – your wasting your time even cleaning out your notebook….as they will continually re-appear.!!

    If you deal with the source – then use an ‘air spray can’….taking off the base of the notebook and spray ‘several times’ (over a period) to eliminate what may be nesting underneath.

    If you can’t find the source you’ll just have to live with the problem.!!

  3. You might have spilled some foods items on your notebooks while working with it, that’s the root cause, so avoid eatables.

  4. Md. robiul says:

    It’s not a problem, but you should take care of it because it can be harm for your notebook.

  5. i also had this problem. i removed ants using my mom’s hair drier :P :P::P

  6. Perhaps it is the surroundings that you are placing your notebook on. Many ants are usually attracted to food or sweet items that may have been on the counter or on your notebook. Try cleaning the are around you and see if there’s a source of where the ants are coming from. I recently discovered a tiny crack outside my home and quickly used ant chemicals on it.

  7. Ants on or near your notebook is NOT GOOD. They tend to like nesting in warm places and chances are that your notebook seems like a good idea to them.

    Do not spray the notebook with any insecticides. As suggested before, use a hair dryer to make them leave and for at least an hour, keep moving the notebook every 5 or so minutes.

    If ants get into your notebook, the acid in their urine destroys the circuits inside the notebook and it will die.

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