An iPad or an iPad 2?

I was basically wondering which one would be better, I mean obviously the iPad 2 is better but when it comes to budget and knowing how huge the differences between them takes a brain. Anyway my question is. An iPad in my place has almost half the price of an iPad 2 which is a huge difference if you ask me, Thing is it is going to be my first Apple product and I was wondering which should I go for considering the iPad is half the price.


  1. Thomas David says:

    Apple iPad 2 boasts of being faster, lighter and thinner than the original iPad. It is armed with two cameras – one at front and the other one at rear. The presence of a front camera does hint at video calling facility which is yet another reason why you need to look forward to buy this device. The new iPad sports a LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology and fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating like the one used in iPhone 4. Even though there were some rumors about Apple iPad 2 screen being cut down to 7 inches, the company seems to have preferred to stick to 9.7 inch screen.

  2. **bLUe_mARLIn** says:

    I would just go with the iPad 1. I mean if you think about it, the only difference you are going to notice is the cameras right? Yes it is a very cool feature, but you can use different cameras for the same purpose.

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