Alienware M15X Notebook….?

I’m thinking of getting one and I know it’s a gaming laptop but how is it for music and Internet and what problems dose it have
(Don’t tell me I can get a better one for less I don’t care just tell me about the alien ware)
and anything i should know


    They are an awesome price too!
    its always best to pay the tiny bit of extra money to get the jelly silicone heating thingy too!
    its amazing.

    its amazing. You cant go wrong with alienware. its the best for a reason *if someone coughts mac tell them to gtfo!*
    the higher the processing speed is*dual core you double it*
    and the higher the ram – amongst other slight factors will determine your speed and ability to run multiple applications at once.
    if you get it i envy you.

  2. no real problems with it.
    its a bit heavy compared to other notebooks but then again it is alienware.,,,,etc

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