Alienware M14x laptop?

I am thinking about looking into getting an Alienware M14x laptop, and I am hoping to get a lot of gameplay out of it (WoW in general). If anyone has this laptop and/or has played WoW on it and is it a good laptop to play WoW on? How much fps can you get out of it?

Also I’m quite new to gaming computers, do Alienware laptops have access to the internet or is it purely for gaming, thanks
Also I have looked at the website ( and it seems to me like an amazing laptop, I just want to know if anyone has any personal responses they can give me


  1. Remnant~ says:

    Bro, if you just want a gaming laptop for WoW in general I’d recommend you aim lower then Alienware. WoW isn’t violently graphically and process demanding. Pretty much any laptop you buy should have a wireless card in it for internet. If you want a laptop for gaming I’d recommend a Lenovo or Dell XPS 15. Save yourself some money and get a laptop with an i5 2410m processor and a decent graphics card like 5730m Radeon or 540m Nivida. An alienware laptop would be total overkill for WoW or other games of it’s nature.

  2. I have had this Alienware M14x AM14X-6557STB laptop for about 2 weeks now and it is still the best laptop for the price. The processor is lightning fast, the screen is sharp, the alienfx is a really nice feature, and the klipsch speakers are amazing for a little laptop. It did not come preloaded with a bunch of crap software, and runs nicely. I love this laptop. No complaints whatsoever.

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