AHhhhh!! What laptop?

Im saving for a laptop but i want one thats got lots of space to play sims2 on it(with quite a few expansion packs on it), and have photos and music on it, and i want to be able to go on the internet and it not be slow or anything, the thing is, i really dont know which ones are good or not, also i cant afford one thats really expensive so about below £500.. does this laptop seem like something im looking for? if not what kind of one will i need?
Thanks in advance :D


  1. i went to comet for my notebook, the staff in the shop were knowledgeable and listened to my needs, they gave me the best choices and guided me along the way. and then knocked £25 off. MUST ASK be cheeky

  2. Why not just go to a computer store and tell them all this. They will point you to a good laptop.

  3. I bought a dell laptop of ebay, it was a Dell laptop, it was brand new and it was about £200 cheaper than buying from dell direct, solid build laptop, hope that helps

  4. prashant says:
  5. The laptop you want should have,
    Intel dual core processor 2.0 ghz or better
    1 gig ram for windows xp/2 gigs ram for vista
    120 gig hard drive

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