Advice on laptop / notebook purchase for daughter?

My daughter is going to be 10 soon and would really like a laptop for her birthday. I was wondering if anybody could tell me what type would be best and also the difference between a laptop and notebook.

Also, how can I make sure that adult content is blocked so she cant look up anything she shouldn’t (ie porn and graphic material) and monitor what she is looking at

Many thanks for all assistance and replies.


  1. ╠╝║╠╣║╔╣ ~> Benoit <~ says:

    usually laptops are more powerful and expensive than notebooks, even some notebooks don’t come with a DVD driver, so it is a real pain to install softwares and games.

    the main question you should ask yourself and also your daughter is : What will be her usage?

    if she wants to play Sims 3 or similar, okay go for laptop.

    if she wants to chat with her friends (just check sometimes who are these friends, you don’t want your daughter to talk to pedophiles) on MSN or Skype, a notebook should be enough.

    if she wants to browse on Internet and download stuff (music, video, etc.), either of laptop or notebook are suitable. However, you will be legally responsible if she downloads copyright contents, and be aware that when using Peer-To-Peer softwares (emule, edonkey, etc.) most of the movies you end up downloading are porn content !!

    in any case, you must NEVER leave your child alone when browsing on Internet. This is to teach your daughter to avoid going to adult content, click without reading (even you are doing it yourself), etc.

  2. sewrobb says:

    Here are all the makes, reviews, specs and prices.

    In some cases they will tell you the best places to buy them from.

    As for restricting internet use. When you get it make your self the Administrator and make her User account with the privileges restricted.

    Internet Options ► Content ► Content Adviser ► Here you can screw down the content as much as you like.

    Also you can ban any site by adding the URL address to it or you can ban the lot and only allow the URL address you want her to use.

    It’s password protected so chose a strong one otherwise she will be on here at some later date asking how to crack it!

  3. There is no real difference between a laptop and notebook, the terms are interchangable. Some people say notebooks are the thinner, lighter versions of laptops.

    You also have a netbook – that is a smaller laptop which is less powerful but still okay for general Internet and email use and some lightweight applications are that don’t have too many graphics.

    You should first decide what the laptop is going to be used for.

    If it’s just going to be used for Internet and email access, word processing for documents – then the cheapest laptops or a netbook are fine for that.

    If your daughter would like to use graphics or photo packages then you might need something a little more powerful. If gaming is a consideration perhaps you’d be looking at spending a little more for a high power laptop capable of gaming graphics. For the latter types, netbooks (the small laptops) are not very suitable.

    The make of laptop you choose doesn’t really matter as they mainly contain the same components from a handful of manufacturers. Everyone has their favourite or preferred manufacturers. Mine is Toshiba because of the build quality. Acer and Asus make budget entry level laptops but are moving into the general market.

    Most laptops have a personal laptop range which has an entry level model, which is cheaply priced. An all-round model and a high performance model. Prices increase accordingly.

    They’ll then do a business range with the same, entry level, all round and high performance.

    You should aim for the personal laptop range, entry level or all round. Here are some recommendations:

    Toshiba’s entry level/mid range personal is called the Satellite range:

    I’d probably recommend the L500-1XD which costs around £500.00.

    If you want to choose a netbook instead of a laptop, Toshiba’s range of netbooks can be seen here. They’re not as powerful as a laptop/notebook but ultra portable and small:

    I’d recommend the Toshiba NB305 range (the latest one). Prices are around £325.00.

    Obviously, these are just my recommendations based on my personal preference but there are lots of devices to choose from. Here are the types of specifications I’d recommend:

    An Intel Dual Core or Core 2 Duo Processor for laptops / an Atom processor for netbooks
    At least 2 GB of RAM memory.
    At least 160 GB of Hard Drive Space.
    Built in wireless / wifi

    For content filtering software there are two ways you can approach this.

    You can get software that is installed on the laptop and filters content, for that you would need to be the administrator, install the software and your daughter would have an account with less privileges to prevent her from uninstalling or bypassing the software. You would set passwords on the accounts, your password/account and her password/account. There are a few packages available but the ones I recommend are:

    Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 has got it’s own parental controls. They cover general Internet access and read the guide linked above. There are also some third party products:

    You can also filter Internet access at your Internet router but that would prevent anyone else from accessing sites and it is a bit more difficult to set up.

    I hope this helps.

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