Advent 4211c PC Notebook sound problem!?

I have this net book, the sound is fine when listening to music, and watching a movie, but when i want to talk to my friends on MSN the sound is all distorted,and i canot make out what they are saying, i have been through the sound troubleshooter but can not solve this problem, any ideas would be great thanks

So for anyone else with this problem it was the msn i was using, windows live messenger, i changd it to version 8.5.1302,1018 and it is working fine on that one.


  1. foreverlegallyblonde says:

    I also have the Advent 4211c PC Notebook, AND I have the same problem, In must be the New version of MSN Messenger, I downgraded to 8.5 and it works fine, Thanks for the advice, But that still does not answer the question of WHY the new MSN Messenger does not do sound correctly on this Notebook.

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