acer webcam doesn’t work ?

I have a acer travelmate 2490 with built in webcam. the webcam functions on IM, but it does not work as a seperate camera and it should do. I have tried to download software off of the acer support website, but it still doesn’t work.


  1. brianthesnail123 says:

    hi emile
    this isnt unusual,i have a acer aspire 9303 laptop and the built in webcam(orbi-cam) running on windows vista will shut down as soon as i run it
    it will give me the vista message "acer orbi-cam is huting down…"click here for solutions "
    these issues seem to be vista/microsoft problems and not acer,there has been many problems with the acer empowering technology range of utilitys
    have you updated windows vista with sp1 and in the case of windows xp sp3,these may have something that may help you fix these problems
    go to for a wide selection of driver/utilitys for the acer 2490,these include the full range of "empowering technology" programs,drivers and more important manuals
    any problems let me know
    good luck emile !

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