Acer TravelMate 2420 Wireless Driver?

Having recently acquired an Acer travelMate 2420 I have re-installed due to the system files being corrupt and have lost the wireless driver. I have been searching all over the net and downloaded countless drivers and installed them but to no avail. The wireless continues to not even be an option. I have tried to acer website and been on many forums and other sites. Could really do with getting this working!
The wireless is not listed as a known device and is switched on. I have tried all of the drivers on the acer website to no avail. I think I’m going to take it to a shop to check for lose connections.


  1. dgaguine says:

    here is a link to the acer website. There appear to be 3 possible drivers, if you look on the underneath of the laptop or in the documentation it may indicate which one
    The other obvious thing is
    a) Are you sure it has a wireless card fitted – may be optional on some models
    b) Is the wireless switched on – some laptops have a wireless switch, others have a keypress combo to turn on/off the wireless usually Fn+F4 or similar

    Try this

    See if the wireless adapter is listed/listed as an unknown device

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