Acer Travelmate 2350 Realtek audio?

Hi There,

I accidentally deleted the Realtek audio driver from my laptop (model above) and now it won’t play any sound. I went on the Acer website and saved the following file onto my desktop: Realtek Audio driver In the instructions it seems to say that I need an installation CD but I don’t have one. Is there any other way of getting the sound back onto my computer?

p.s I need to buy a new laptop anyway so any recommendations for one under £350 would be most appreciated!


  1. The Old Computer Guy says:
  2. ƒαηтαѕтι¢ ☞CAT☜ says:

    Click on the Acer support link below. Select Notebook, Travelmate, then your model 2350 on the menu’s and download the official audio software then run set up again.

    This is the same software that came with your laptop :-)

  3. Max Headroom says: will give you the latest driver. have a good range of laptops.

  4. HI.

    On an Acer you can recover any driver or application that came on your computer when New.
    As all Acers keep a copy on the hard drive.

    There are several ways to do this ,this is the easiest.

    Launch erecovery management from either the empowering tool bar or from the Acer empowering tec folder in all programs in start menu.

    Click restore from the bottom of the erecovery management window.

    Then select reinstall applications/drivers.

    After a couple of minutes when the files are extracted a prompt window will a appear select "contents".

    A list of all Drivers and applications that came on your computer when new will appear select your driver.

    This will now re-install for you.

    PS Depending on your OS and what plugins you have you may be able to launch Acer Drivers&Utility’s recovery from windows mobility,
    Hold Windows start key and press X.

    PPS After doing this you may need to check the speakers are enabled so here is a link to another answer of mine.;_ylt=AjTtOEH_5EwuzhjgZ4HtX9QhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20100403031302AANjRcX&show=7#profile-info-HqLyqFgdaa

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