Acer.scr has stopped working – message ?

I have an Acer Aspire laptop, running Windows Vista, a window keeps popping-up saying ‘ Acer.asr has stopped working, windows will close the program and advise you if a solution is available ‘ ( or something like that anyway ! ). I have run a full scan etc and cleaned everything-up but still get this message ! Any idea what’s going on ? Many thanks.


  1. Rob Boner says:

    turn off the screen saver

  2. Jake VirtualVault™ says:

    Acer.scr is the default screensaver for all Acer computers. The default screensaver on your computer might be corrupted, therefore that is why Windows Vista is reporting the error so frequently.

    Just changed your current screensaver to another screensaver and the problem may be solved. To do this, right-click the Desktop, select Personalize, click Screen Saver, and choose another screen saver of your choice.

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