Acer Predator e recovery problem?

I have recently received a virus onto my acer computer through unknown terms ( remind me not to use avast again ) . I tried to use the acer e recovery program but I think I may have in the process of trying to get rid of this virus deleted the partition needed to do it. A e recovery disk will cost me £51 but I was wondering if I was to purchase say windows 7 and install it onto there therefore allowing me to format my old operating system would e recovey be there again? or does windows 7 have its own version or do I have to dig deep and buy a new recovery disk? Thanks



  1. len again says:


    You will loose erecovery if you install another OS ….

    A recovery from partition would no longer be possible but you would have an installation disc to re-install the OS again should you need to….

    Have you checked to see if D2D is enabled ?
    Turn computer on when the Acer splash is on screen press F2 .
    Select " Main " and enable D2D an exit saving changes .
    Re-start computer and Hold Alt and keep pressing F10 when the Acer splash is on screen at start up..

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