Acer or Gateway Netbook Help !?

i was considering in purchasing a netbook. i have two options

GATEWAY netbook which has
1gb memory
250 gb hardrive
webcam n microphone.
it includes 6 month free antivirus protection
and it brings a notebook sleeve(cover)
and a 4gb sd card
all for 9.97


ACER netbook
with 4GB Memory and
reads cds and dvds.
for 8

which ones better as in quality
which brand would be best.

p.s does the ACER have webcam?


  1. My girlfriend bought an Acer netbook before it became the rage. She loves it, and other than the battery life being a little short (sometimes 2 hours or so), sometimes the screen being a tad small (as all netbooks are) … it’s a good little netbook.

    The HD size is very good for what it’s intended for, and recommend with a netbook as you most likely will have multiple windows open to have more RAM for speedy-ness, though I think 4 GB is overkill.

    The Acer she bought also had a webcam and microphone in it. I honestly think it’s standard on most all their netbooks as the intention is to be portable, using it for VoIP calling, surfing, etc.

    Do you have the model number? You can check online easily to see what the specs are.

    Ironically Gateway and Acer are part of the same group, Gateway part of Acer’s strategy to compete with Dell / HP. So it’s a branding game. Acer has led the way in netbooks so you can’t go wrong there, and probably the easiest choice.

    Good luck in your purchase.

  2. None of them, cause they are netbooks and don’t do many jobs at all well. A good laptop is always going to be better.

  3. Technically Acer now owns Gateway so they are the same brand as for which machine is actually better I believer the Acer is from the specs you have listed.

    For The actual quality of the two machines I would probably go with the Acer that extra 3 gigs is going to make a big difference.

  4. The Invisible Hand/Illuminati says:

    You have to look at the picture of it. A large majority of new laptops come with a webcam. Acer and Gateways are about similar quality but i prefer Gateway. I’ve had 2 gateway laptops that lasted for over 8 years but again I took care of it rather than abusing it.

    The model number would help. There are various models of each laptop. Until you provide a model # or picture address my choice is Gateway but that is only opinion.

  5. Information Police says:

    I have and ACER, about like that. It’s an Aspire 4730Z. It’s okay, but the screen isn’t the clearest or brightest I’ve seen. It does have a webcam which works well.

    Although it has a "Blue Tooth" button on the keyboard, after I got it I found out it does not actually have a bluetooth card in it. Pretty deceptive. Check into that on the models you are looking at.

    Another annoyance – Acer removes the utility for creating a recovery disk from Windows. You have to pay $20 to buy one from ACER if you want it, and you DO want it.

    Can’t comment on that Gateway.

  6. I think acer because they are good and also it has a webcam but some acer don’t have a webcam

  7. Christohper says:

    Well… Net books are really really Bad… but its upto you what u want to get… id go with the ACER u cud get a sperate micro phone and cam and it still cost cheaper go with acer cus really… gateways are not good

  8. twilightseven says:

    I got an acer from Walmart in April after I did a stage management job. Its not a bad little laptop.

    However I will warn you, it doesn’t come with a built in cd drive, you have to get an external one of those. Also it does have a webcam, but it is difficult to find the component to get it working on your windows movie maker. Course after you find it, its a great little tool.

    You just have to find a technology website that explains how you go about finding the webcam component that the Acer company has completely hidden away in files, it takes a lot of digging.

    As far as the other ntbook, i have no information there since i do not have one.

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