Acer or Dell laptop??

Acer aspire 5551


Dell inspiron 15

im looking for a laptop for around £400, 3GB RAM, 320GB hard drive. I will be using it for games such as the sims, school work and chatting with friends. If you have any other suggestions please include in you answer. thanks for your help. xx


  1. hellocharlieb says:

    ACER all the time. Ta Ta

  2. Kenneth Koh says:

    i definitely go for dell.acer laptops are a piece of crap haha just kidding.they r just not good.alot of times they are overpriced.

  3. HP.

  4. As they share a lot of components (along with Medion) chose the one you like best!

  5. Trueman The One says:

    Dell, and particularly, Dell Studio 15 or 17
    its the BEST
    i wish i cud have that much money to buy studio 17

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