Acer Microsoft part number?

I have a Microsoft licence, but it has been damaged and I can’t even guess two of the letters. Microsoft will give me a new code if I have part number of the CD. I don’t have the CD.

I am not looking for a copy of anything or to scam a licence key, just a part number for a CD.

It is on the shiny side of the Vista Home Premium CD and likely starts with an X. The Disc would have come with an Acer 5735 laptop in the UK.

A long shot but I thought I would ask you wonderful people! :p
@sixty9th Thanks for trying, wrong though, Microsoft are happy to help one I have this part number.
Excellent answer Len!
I forgot to throw that one at them!
Old drive was faulty, so no recovery partition. I have plenty of OEM and Retail Vists discs here, just wanted to get this recovery cd part number to recover the COA. Thanks!


  1. sixty9thcupid says:

    Did you purchased the Laptop web-shop? if so contact Acer not Microsoft. Microsoft is not responsible for any issues like this. Your system provider has to solve this issue.

    Acer hardware is not partner of Microsoft. You can’t contact Microsoft.

  2. Hi.

    Acers do not come with a CD you are meant to burn your own with erecovery management.
    A factory restore can also be made from partition.

    If it just the vista product code for your installed OS you are after .
    Magic jelly bean ( Free ).

    Partition recovery without disc ,
    this is possible as Acers keep a factory OS copy in a hidden partition (PQservice) by default .

    Turn computer on.
    When the Acer splash is on screen hold Alt and keep pressing F10.

    You will need a password , if you have ran erecovery before you would have been asked to create a password.

    If you have never ran erecovery before the default is "000000" (six zeros).

    Select factory from top of list.

    The preinstalled OS would be OEM as this is the case microsoft have no responsibility for it .

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