acer m5461 not reformatting?

my friends computer had a virus couple 3 months ago and the later her computer crashed and now we are trying to reformat her computer. Her model is Acer Aspire am5641. How can i help her reformat the computer w.o it crashing when it is in the process of reformatting?

the tag on the side says vista home prenium oemact acer incorporated….

Does her computer come in with a in-built recovery cd or rebootable drive? or something?


  1. You have to get a OS cd that it came with or a Vista Ultimate cd to Upgrade, make sure only one ram card is inserted when doing this. acer is know for error pop up while installing the vista os.

  2. this might be a problem of sata raid driver… you have to use raid driver before you can format it,,,, and it depends on what OS you are trying to insta.. for example if you are installin XP.. then while booting when you pressed anykey… it will display ""press f6 if you need install a thirdparty raid driver or SSCSII""

  3. I bought an Acer Aspire around Christmas time. It had Windows and other Acer software pre-installed. When you switched on for the first time and registered your Windows with Microsoft and your PC with Acer, the machine then asked for some discs – 4 DVDs or 16 CDs to backup Windows and 1 DVD or 4 CDs to backup the Acer drivers and other supplied software. They supplied 1 blank DVD with the machine so I used it for the drivers and other software and put in 16 CDs for Windows.
    To rebuild your machine you should first backup any files you want to keep e.g. Word processing files, spreadsheets, photographs, MP3 music files etc otherwise you will lose them when you reformat the drive. Then put in the first Windows disc into your CD drive and re-boot the PC. The system will boot from the CD drive and ask if you want to recover the operating system or build a new system. Select the Build A New System option and it should then ask whether you want to re-format the hard disk or not.


  4. when you go to reinstall the operating system (OS) there should be an option to reformat. if it crashes during this reformat process than there is most likely a problem with the hard drive or the RAM. if this is the problem the computer should not shut off most likely some type of pause, crash, error, or maybe an automatic reboot will occur. unfortunately to find the real cause you would have to do some type of hardware trouble shooting.

    This is my best guess with what you said

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