Acer Laptop Reinstall Basics?

Hi i have an acer extensa 5620 and recently i had to reinstall windows etc. but now ive done that all my acer things have gone, such as the elock, erecovery everything. how do i get it all back? like instead of installing it all manually can i not just find a download that will put it all back on so it will go back to normal?

To KonstanceH – No, i had to have it completely and utterly blanked back to when windows is installed, so Acer isnt on there at all


  1. The Mysterious Man In Black says:

    Your Answer:
    When you first got it (as new) you would have had an option to make a backup iamge of your HD. If you didn’t you might still have the Recover Partition available (F10+Alt on boot). Failing that it is going to be a lot of hunting on the Acer website.

  2. KONSTANCE H says:

    the question is did you use the acer factory reset disc? the one you are prompted to make as soon as you unpack the computer for the first time?

    the acer system is a bespoke service for acer customers and im fairly sure it can be downloaded from the support site or you should be able to ask acer over the phone for help to do this.

  3. My Acer promted me to backup (via DVD disk) my acer progs, as the programs are not on the Acer web site as a download.

    Try to phone Acer and get them to send you the Acer programs.
    They are very helpfull.

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